Julie’s Village educates pregnant women to prepare for breastfeeding before the baby is even born.

Research studies have proven most women want to breastfeed and most initiate breastfeeding. But by two weeks, certainly by three months and then six months there is a dramatic drop in breastfeeding rates. Julie’s Village believes women are pressured to breastfeed, not supported or educated and then made to feel guilty if they stop earlier than they wish. Preparedness is the key to protecting moms from the barriers of breastfeeding – our culture, our hospitals, myths and even misinformed friends and family.

Being prepared for breastfeeding includes these helpful recommendations:
1) building a support team including professional and family help
2) having realistic and evidence-based expectations
3) interview hospitals and pediatricians asking how they will support you
4) research helpful supplies
5) learning the health benefits to moms like reduction in the risk of several diseases including breast cancer, obesity
6) learning the health benefits to baby like reduction in risk of SIDS, obesity, diabetes; less sick visits
7) talking to your supervisor and work discussing where you will pump, where to store milk and taking pump breaks. Federal labor law now mandates employers must provide breaks (unpaid) and a clean, private place to pump that is not the bathroom and not a janitors closet!
8) take a breastfeeding class
9) set breastfeeding goals based on your desires and your personal situation

Julie’s Village is tackling the preparedness issue in various ways and has planned activities to empower women, to raise national breastfeeding rates and help on an international level in cases of emergencies and natural disasters.

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